New Song “Die With Me” Just Posted!

You can find it here on our music player, or on our Facebook page. Enjoy!







She leaves me cold and I can’t fight these fears
Try to believe, yet I know we’re so lost

Verse 1:
Look to my right and I know I’ll see you there
But when I leave, I wonder what you would dare
Give me promise to keep me from these cold nights
But my scared eyes just fill you with need to hide

She leaves me cold and I can’t fight these fears
Lifts just her hand and I fall down to my knees
Try to believe, yet I know I’m so lost
Can’t relieve all this pain if you never stop

Verse 2:
Find myself now, just squeezing your hands so tight
Could you leave me? Well I think that you just might
Once this fight ends, my worries begin again
Yet I know that it only leads us to end

After you depart, could I find relief
These times you’ve left me with what couldn’t be
Ask me why I fear when you aren’t here
To turn and reveal what completes this fear
Misunderstood the way you see
Are you so lost or do you see
To promise me you’d change for me
To set you free or die with me
© Vicinal 2013

Show at CK Comics in Manitou Springs next Friday!

Vicinal is playing with Flannel Surf at CK Comics and Collectibles in Manitou Springs, CO on Friday the 24th! It is FREE to get in, and starts at 7pm. Also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, our recently released Helpless E.P. is now available from iTunes, Amazon, and most other digital stores. Remember to grab yourself a copy, and keep on enjoying Vicinal.

Helpless ep (200x200)


Helpless - EP - Vicinal


Helpless - EP - Vicinal

Helpless e.p. out now!!!

We just uploaded five newly recorded songs off the e.p., which you can find here. The songs are definitely our best work so far, so make sure you get a chance to enjoy them.

The cd is currently available at our Reverbnation store, and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and most other digital stores within the next few weeks. If you want a hard copy of the cd, then come to a show, where we will be selling them for $5 each. (Downloading from Reverbnation: just enter your payment info into their secure server, and then download high-quality mp3’s).

Also, our next show is on Friday, April 12th, at the Pikes Perk on Vickers and Academy in Colorado Springs, and is free to get in. So enjoy the new music, and be sure to check back often, as we will be adding many more show dates soon!


© Vicinal 2013

Acoustic Show at the Coffee Exchange Next Friday! (Plus one other show and new music updates!)

Come down to 526 South Tejon Street, Colorado Springs at 6pm and watch Vicinal jam along with the Red Headed Zombie Show! It’s free and guaranteed to be a great night. Also, on February 26th we’re playing at Sunshine Studios, Colorado Springs. Tickets are $6 for presale and $8 at the door, so message me here or on Facebook if you’re interested in coming.


The new EP is finishing up deliciously, and should be mastered and uploaded by the end of the month. It features seven beautifully recorded songs, all of which will be available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and most other digital stores soon as well. As far as the writing behind the new music goes, I definitely feel like they’re of my best songs so far, with the lyrics and music having been redrafted and developed through loads of hard work over the last few years. I’m extremely proud of it, and am sure that you’ll love it too. Also, if you haven’t already ‘liked’ Vicinal on facebook, then make sure you do to stay updated with all of the new happenings.



Reverbnation Pic - 2

Vicinal Welcomes New Members!

I’m excited to say that I just added three fantastic new members to the line up: Michael Hylands on lead guitar, Emily Gould on drums, and Stuart Hetzler on bass. Michael, Stuart, and I actually used to all play in the same metal band at different times, which makes the new line up pretty awesome to jam with. For the fun of it, you can hear our old music at Emily also has been playing the Colorado Springs music scene over the last several years, and is an exceptional drummer. Make sure you come check us out at upcoming shows, and prepare to have your socks rocked.


New Songs and Shows to Come Soon!!!

Been writing and recording like crazy as of about a year now, and will have a brand new album finished within the next few months (January-February 2013 at the very latest!) Also be sure to check back soon, as new show dates will be posted. Stay updated, and keep enjoying Vicinal!

Songs Back on iTunes, Amazon, and Most Other Digital Music Stores!!!

Helpless - EP - Vicinal


Helpless - EP - Vicinal


Brand New Songs Up!

Songs “Bloom” and “The Closer You Are” were finished this week and have now been uploaded. You can check them out here (in highest quality), or on myspace, facebook, and on most of my other sites. Also my album is temporarily down from iTunes, but will be back up soon with all of my new songs. If you can’t wait to get your own copy, just send me a message and I’ll send it to you.

Vicinal Featured in Colorado Springs City Council Commercial!!!

A clip of my song “Way too Good” and I were filmed this week in a commercial for Colorado Springs City Council candidate Jan Martin! It will be played on CNN, Lifetime, Bravo, FOOD, Fox, A&E, and a few other channels between now and early April. You can also view it here:

Indie Rock Cafe Reviews Vicinal!!!

“With a guitar glimmering pop hooks reminiscent of Matthew Sweet, Colorado Springs alternative pop one-man band Vicinal got our attention with the track “Alone.” Vicinal is completely the work of DIY musician Christopher Jones..”

Read more at: